Sunday, March 05, 2006

Chuck Norris for School Board...and maybe President

So I'm perusing the Oriental Trading Company online for bulk lots of novelty items like miniature paratroopers and squishy glo-in-the-dark yoyo balls (items usefull only for stuffing pinatas and bribing middle schoolers to do math), when I come across this:

"OH my GOD. Its a 'Leap for the Lord' Potato Sack," I say.

Without looking up from her computer, Bethany says, "Sounds like what happens just before Chuck Norris tea-bags you."


"You know, like when he says 'It's almost time,' and you say 'time for what,' and then Chuck Norris round-house kicks you in the face."

...bits of wisdom that might also be usefull for bribing middle schoolers to do math...?