Friday, April 29, 2011

After the Rain

Interesting tidbit about Wendy: it takes her about 45 minutes to eat a single pink bunny Peep. First she nibbles the ears off, bit by bit, then bites chunks out where the limbs would be, and finally beheads the Peep. Then she will lick the sugar from the remaining blob, and finally shove the rest in her mouth.

This is convenient when the News is plastered with images of twister-related devastation, and spewing a constant stream of phrases like "ripped the roof right off," or "house completely smashed." When a tornado warning flashed across the bottom of Curious George, all I had to do to get rid of her was throw a few Peeps in the other room and tell her not to come back til they were finished so I could find out what was up.

I spent a few nervous hours yesterday clutching Fuzzwolf, pacing the house from window to window, peering at greenish clouds and wondering about which cat I would be able to save.

I lived in Colorado when I was a kid, which is in the part of the country where you do tornado drills in school just like you do fire drills. Yesterday, remembering the funnel clouds spinning out of the sky a few miles from my childhood house, it occurred to me that it would just figure for a tornado would get me HERE, in PA.

It's fine though. It didn't. All the cats are okay.

And, after the rain passed by, the sun came out, and there was this...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hippie Report. With WingWang.

I disappoint myself.

I went into the second go-around with parenting planning to do cloth diapers. I did the research, asked friends and other bloggers, and everything. Am I doing it? Psh. No. FAIL. Do I still have time, hippie mentors? Do I??

My baby hates his sling. I used it for the first month, and then he decided it was poopy. It is a very pretty Mei-Tie style sling, made by our friend and babysitter, Cheryl. I have a plan in the works to make a different kind of sling and try it out, but have I done it yet? NO. FAIL!

I have yet to tie-dye any onesies. FAIL!!!

On the Hippie Win List:

We chose not to circumcise our baby. No judging other's choices, but I couldn't stomach the idea of surgically altering my perfect, perfect creation right out of the box (haha-out of the box-get it? I am so mature). Carl, the only human in this house with his own penis, was on board with this decision. Here is the thing about it though. I have exactly zero personal experience with penises au natural-and even less experience with those of the baby variety. Not to get too much into issues re: my son's wingwang (I'm sure he will have plenty of reasons to hate me forever without my handing him reasons like "talked about my junk online")...but let's just say that Me plus My Sons Wingwang=confuse-fest.

Le Fuzz sleeps with us. This is one of those personal choices that people don't like to talk about. It is also one of those things that you think you will never do....before you have babies keeping you up all night and experience sleep dep. hallucinations. My choice to keep the baby in our is based mostly on a deep, abiding need for sleep. Plus, it is the hippie thing to do.

Breastfeeding. I am a champ, and thankfully, Fuzzwolf is too. The awesomeness of baby nutrition combined with the ultimate trip in codependency plus six months to seven hundred years of leaky boobs. Oh, yeah.

More updates soon-probably with pictures.