Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Updates-For Those Who Wait Like Starving Chicks for my Words to Drop Into Their Open Hungry Mouths Like Worms of Deliciousness

Liam and Wendy
Still Doing This To My Life:

 (Also still cute.)

Graduated from High School!

She is also still cute.   She is now doing THIS to her dad's life:

Now a famous model and hugely successful small business owner, blowing the doors off of the fantasy costuming niche market with my stunning vision and hottness. (Note: actual fame and glory may just be in writer's head. Which is crazy. Crazyhead.)

And yet, I can't stop making the duck lips in pictures.  I even "smize" like a duck.  Very sad.

More to come, soon. I hope I just downloaded the Blogger Ap to my phone, and I can't wait to see how it works! *Waves to Jaimie, who misses me and has demanded Blogging, from the land of TooBusyToThink*