Monday, January 23, 2006

Tres Cool Kats

If this doesn't warm your heart, you are dead inside and might as well go into tax law right now:

And also, the kitty hat I made Jaimie for Christmas:

You should be wearing a hat with ears too. It is now the coolest thing. Of course, not many people know this, and we'd like to keep it that way. You know, to preserve the integrity of the cool factor. So you wear hats with ears, but don't tell anyone else ahead of time or try to get them in on it. In fact, I shouldn't really be telling you this now, but I like you. You look like my Great Aunt Mertyl.


  1. cock mitten

    there. I said it before you! HAHAHA!

  2. how can you say that about your sister? i never would have said that.

    is it gay if a guy wears at hat with ears? if not then what kind of ears would they be?

  3. Not gay at all. Kitty ears, bat ears?

    Also, those kitties are the cutest things EVAR. Can I have one?

  4. K: Damn! Foiled again!
    S: Mebbe floppy dog ears. And yes. Yes you can.

  5. you do indeed have a point (regarding your comment on my blog). I was merely speaking from someone who was a close friend.

    and I have the strangest feeling that I have met you.

    Also, cock mittens are awesome.

  6. p:i knew i could threwt you, and you would then tell me that i would rue the day for crossing you...blah blah blah. i've heard it all before. still makes me laugh though.

    are the cats Pumpkin and Sloth?

    s:bat ear's would be fuckin awesome.

  7. Pumpkin and Chunk. I too have made the Goonies association. And yes, you will rue the day. Maybe not this day, maybe not any day this week, but some day. Some day will be the day of rueing.

    (don't bat ears just look a lot like mouse ears?)

  8. i would have to say no about the ears. mouse ears are rounded and bat ears are pointed with a faux support/ribbed structure within.