Monday, May 15, 2006

As Found In Substitute Manual:

The following aversive techniques of handling behavior are considered inappropriate and may not be used by agencies in educational programs (PA Code 342.36e):

1. Corporal punishment
2. Punishment for a manifestation of a student's disability
3. Locked rooms, boxes, or other locked structures from which the students cannot readily exit
4. Noxious substances
5. Deprivation of basic human rights, ie. withholding meals, water, or fresh air
6. Serial suspensions (like from the ceiling?)
7. Treatment of a demeaning nature
8. Electric shock
9. Methods implemented by untrained personel

So I guess I'm not allowed to cattle-prod kids through the bars of a dog kennel while spraying them with weed killer, calling them cross-eyed gingers and insulting their shoes... and I'm especially not allowed to let untrained personel do it.

This totally ruins my plans for Thursday.


  1. I hear the sensitivity training video for that is funny as fuck.

  2. yeah. They want you to call them hopeless fuck-ups and beat them with sticks while maintaining an atmosphere of dignity and respect.