Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wherin I Calibrate My Fat

Technically, I had my fat calibrated for me. Because I joined a gym. A yuppie, upbeat kind of gym where they offer lots of services so as to make you feel like you are getting your money's worth, and one of those services happens to be fat calibration. This is immediately followed by goal assessing.

It is a hand-holding kind of gym.

Happily enough, one of the other services they offer is $1/visit daycare. I actually went to this gym on Friday to look into getting Carl a membership for his birthday. After getting the walkthrough tour, and seeing the happy little daycare room with it's pleasant (though surprisingly butch) daycare lady, and after realizing that the two of us would actually cost less, I wrote a check for us both. (I really do not envision Carl putting up with the fat pincers and Q & A stress evaluation. I predict he will buck the system and walk their treadmills with his fat unassessed. Cause he's a rebel like that.)

Now I'm all starry-eyed with visions of zoning out for a few hours a week with very little baby attatched to my hip. This is extremely exciting to me. Rejoice.

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