Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wendy and Mo go to CO

Hark! I have brought my firstborn unto the land of my origin, the land of my pater familias, so that they of this mountainous region might gaze upon her and proclaim her charm and perfection across the countryside.

Here is also where my sister resides, besieged on all sides by the testosterone-infused grumpa lumpas: our father, her son and her husband, each in turn known as Ed, and thus she lives in the House of Three Eds.

I bring unto this House an infusion of estrogen much needed by my sisterly one. I also bring many baby cuddles, and much talk of our mutual hatred of Tyra Banks.

Traveling with a one-year old is scary, but it is worth it. We don't even really want to go and do stuff; just be together and talk and play with each other's kids.

We miss this. So let it be written, so let it be known.


  1. i enjoyed the eloquence and truth of these words, my sister. love you. and miss you. from across the land ~Jaimie

  2. Thanks for coming to our land.The land of crazies and weirdos...wait, shouldn't you be living here? I decided to follow in your steps and make myself a blog as well check it, check it out. Love ya Tash :)