Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wendy in Fairy Land

Fairy Festival in Glenn Rock, PA. Ever been? It rocks.

Lots of dred-lock-swinging college students and gypsy bands and hand-crafting artists. The people who host it actually use the money to fund the organic farm on the same grounds. They use the compost from the food court, too. They are great hippies.

Anyway, Wendy took all of this in like the proper child of wanna-be granola-munchers. She pet the alpacas from the alpaca rescue farm. She ate the organic ice cream. She built sand castles in the sand outlining the Native American medicine wheel. She appraised the sudden appearance of fairy wings sprouting from everyone's backs with very matter-of-fact observation. She commented on the very well-coordinated fairies, particularly. "Mommy, the I like the nice and purple girl." Those thigh-high neon pleather boots were begging for matching glitter wings. This isn't weird, mom, it's just thoughtful accessorizing.
We needed some nice, easy family time. Being surrounded by happy, earthy people helps to elevate our collective vibe. Hmm...this got me thinking summer thoughts....
Here's a picture of Wendy and I cuddling outside on our gypsy-band-watchin' blanket:
Here's a picture of Wendy, in her words, "trip-trappin over the bad troll bridge."

(Lest you think that she is scared of the bad troll, I must inform you -as per her request- that she trip-trapped back and forth over the bridge at least ninety four times before we were allowed to move on to another major attraction.)

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