Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Which I Use My Wifey Voice

Carl: There's this canoe on Craig's List. It's only two hundred dollars.
Me: You know, we could really use two hundred dollars for other things that are not canoes. Like closing costs.

But. I want a canoe. I've wanted a canoe for a long time.

You know what you've also wanted for a long time? A house.

Carl: But...two hundred dollars is a really good price for a canoe. Don't you think that I work hard and deserve a canoe for the purpose of much-needed rest and relaxation?

I love you and I know that you deserve rest and relaxation. You know where you can rest and relax? A house. That you own.

.........You're really not going to help me justify this one, are you?

Me: Nope.


two days later*

I thought that if you wanted some fishing time or something, I would volunteer my services.

That would be awesome. Yes. When?

Me: We have a new canoe, don't we.


I would say that I need to work on the inflection of sour disapproval, but I know that he heard it. And I don't really mind. (Except that we really do need to be saving the dough for house stuff right now. Frack.)

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