Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogging because I don't really know what else to do.

My dad is in the hospital. I have gleaned most of my information about the whys and hows through the awesome power of texts from my sister, who lives with him in CO. (Ha! Take that, no cell phone policy!) It seems that he has had a heart attack and/or renal failure caused by severe infection and/or unbeknownst diabetes, and also loss of vision caused by a nerve being pinched by something in his neck. Nothing big. Nothing serious. Just, you know, everything at once.

You are right. I do sound removed. I am making light of a serious situation. It's how I deal.

So this is a conversation that has been going on between us and my dad for the past seven or eight years:
Us: Hey Dad. You should get that checked out.
Dad: I'm too cool to take care of my illnesses. See? I wear black sweaters and cop glasses.
Us: I don't know who ever told you that you are cool. Not us. Go see a doctor.
Dad: I will when I have the money.
Us: You don't need money. That's why you have health insurance. Through the business that you co-own. Where you are the boss.
Dad: As soon as things are straight at work, the real-estate market has leveled, the elk herds have moved to higher ground, and the moon is in the seventh house, I can deal with it.
Us: This is not really the kind of thing you put off, you know? You are almost 60.
Dad: What if I find out that I need surgery or something?
Us: Then you'll take off of work for a while, have surgery or something, and go back to work.
Dad: Well, if I am not working, the world could explode.
Us: If you die, you can't go to work. Think about that.

So, yeah. Glad you could make our point for us with such dramatic and colorful flair, Dad.

I might fly out to CO tomorrow. I don't know. Like I said, I don't actually know what the situation is. Texts from my sister. The fourth-party information from my mom (who is also highly dramatic).

But I'll tell you what, I have last minute Travelocity tickets up on my other tab , and I have a bag half-packed and ready to go.

I don't know what to do. So I blog. Thanks for listening, internets.


  1. go, you'll feel better....

    then when he gets better, kick his ass and make him go to the Doctor ALOT!!

  2. BJ is right, you will feel better if you go. It's hard to feel connected to a serious situation through text least for me, an old technology fuddyduddy. Shen you get there you will see that your dad is doing both better than you expect and worse--but you'll be there and it will be real and then you can wrap your brain around the whole thing. And I am sure your family will be grateful for having you there because I suspect that you play the same role in your family that I do. We lighten stressful situations. We cope with humor. And that's an important person to be. Will be keeping you and your dad in my thoughts. :)

    Oh, and yes, knitting a sweater is terrifying.

  3. I also agree... you should go. Even if everything is totally fine, you guys can hang out as a family and chat and stuff. When my mom was in last month, that's what we did and it made us all feel better.

    Especially now that she's better and back to acting crazy. ;)

    sending happy thoughts out to your dad and you