Monday, February 22, 2010

Somebody bring me something deep-fried.....with chocolate.

Saturday was the fifth anual Fasnacht-a-palooza at Steph and Ryan's, and the first one that I've actually been able to attend. (They lived in Seattle for the first couple.)

Fasnachts (and I have given up trying to spell this on the fly) are donuts, deep fried in the spirit of Pensylvania Dutch pre-Lent festivity. New Orleans gets beads and shrimp and debauchery, and we get dough plunked into vats of boiling lard, and then coated with sugar.

Delicious, delicious sugar-lard....they go good with beer (as you can imagine) and about twenty people crammed into a two-room apartment. Steph and Ryan very intelligently wrapped some of the dough around Snickers bars and chocolate. Because, you know. The plain ones were looking too wholesome and nutritious.

Yes, we are bad Catholics. We all indulged in a donut party four days into Lent. Light a candle for our souls.

At some point, Steph unexpectedly anounced that she has pretty much quit knitting, and was giving away some of her yarn stash. The three of us who are knitters perked up and mobbed around the giant pile of yarn that Steph disgorged from her stash trunk, and proceeded to kick up a good feeding frenzy. The guys decided that video-game-related hooting was needed to counteract the craft-related glee, which I find amusing.

Quick, they're distracted by something we find totally uninteresting! HOOT HOOT HOOT!

Feeling slightly guilty, I made off with a big bag of yarn, which effectively doubles my own stash. As Steph has good taste, it is all nice stuff. It's like we won the yarn lottery. Or mugged a girl of her yarn while she was all hopped up on sugarlard and beers. Whatever. Pictured here is about half of my score:

Do you like how it's all nestled around my coffee mug? This is what I did this morning. I admired how the colors of the yarn that I picked out match my coffee mug. I then drank coffee, fondled yarn, colored with Wendy, organized some yarn by weight, did the chicken dance with Elmo, and fondled my organized yarn.

As I made off with the booty Saturday night, I promised to let Steph visit it, and that she can have any of it back if she wants it. And I made a vow not to buy any more yarn. On top of the vow that I made to Carl to finish his other Christmas glove by the time the snow melts, this makes two yarn-related vows in a week. I'm on a roll.

I'm also feeling pretty fat. I mean. Sugarlard. A total detour from the light yogurt and Kashi track that I have been on lately. I'm not going to beat myself up over it, or anything. It was too delicous and full of chocolate for regrets.

New Motto: Buy No Yarn; Regret no Donut.

I'm embroidering that onto a flag, or something.


  1. Nice loot! Do I see some lovely Noro in there? You could make one of these color changing scarves:

    Or you could just keep fondling all that awesome yarn you just scored.

  2. Dude, I have three more skeins of yarn that fell out of your bag. You can has it on Saturday.

    Also, I didn't quit knitting; I just hardly ever do it anymore. When I do I knit socks only. So I'll never use the stuff I gave you guys and you're all welcome to it.

    I'm glad my yarn went to good homes.

  3. Steph: I know, you're not a complete knitting quitter. It's GOOD to purge oneself of the burden of unfulfilled crafting intentions from time to time. Especially when there are good homes with fellow stashers at hand. Good homes where we love our yarn and pet it often. (did I really drop some, or are you just trying to get rid of some more on the sly?)

    bb: Yes. Noro. Some Silk Garden and Kureyon. Both up there in the list of my faaaavorites. Good suggestion-I heart scarves.

  4. Mo: No really you dropped it. It was behind the couch. Must've fallen out of your bag...