Monday, March 01, 2010

Le Souffle!

Carl has had souffle on his mind.

Ever since I looked at the giant bag of broccoli STEMS that somehow wound up in my freezer, and remarked, in an off-hand, non-committal way, "Well...maybe I can make broccoli souffle...?"

That was about two weeks ago. Finally, last night, the ingredients were amassed, and I souffle'd. While waiting for the magic to happen, something spoke to me.

Shiraz: You know...I'm not just great with red sauces and red meat. I am also delightful paired with sharp cheese.
Me: You don't say.
Shiraz: Yeah. Hey, I see that there's sharp cheese in this souffle you are making...
Me: So there is. Huh.

And that's how it came to be that I had giant portions of broccoli souffle and three glasses of wine for dinner last night. A sublime experience, punctuated by a call from my mom, imploring that I "take Wendy outside to look at the MOOON! THE MOON! You need to take her outside and howl at the moon!"

As it was obvious that something had spoken to my mom last night, too.

I let her know that I would surely howl at the moon, as soon as I finished my meal of souffle and wine. "MY MOTHER'S SOUFFLE??"
"Yes. That one."
"God. That sounds good. So. Good."

I have a notion that this souffle is as much "my grandmother's souffle" as the green bean casserole (you know, the one with French's onions?) is "our Nami's" (great-grandmother's) beans. But it's good. I took it to a Thanksgiving party a few years ago, and some girl with a sexy haircut and a cute bubble dress with pockets, she called it "simple."

"Mmm...this is good. Simple."

Do you like the way that people with sharp haircuts and sophisticated wine tastes take digs at you out the side of their mouths? Even when they continue to stuff their mouths with something that you made? But, it is simple, in the way that homey family holiday food usually is.

Broccoli Souffle:
1 small red onion-chop fine!
4 eggs-beat!
1 cup mayo
1 can cream of mushroom soup
2 cups cheese
a giant bag of frozen broccoli pieces

Cook broccoli (stove or microwave) just enough to defrost. Combine other ingredients, and then stir in broccoli. Bake in a casserole or souffle dish 45 minutes-1 hour 15minutes, depending on depth of dish, until firm, at 350 degrees.

This makes a big batch-I should have halved it for single-family consumption. Or not. Now I have broccoli stuff all week. Makes a good breakfast. Wine optional.


  1. I always remembered when we were wee ones and your Ma used to make meatloaf and dye it red...or green for either Valentines Day or St. Paddy's. I don't remember which, my nostalgia facts are slippin'. Mmm...meatloaf...drool...

    I'll try the souffle...perhaps the wine :)

  2. HAHA-it was heart shaped meat loaf with pink or green mashed potatos. :-) mashers...

  3. That sounds delicious. I've never made a souffle before. It would probably terrify Robb, though. He would accuse it of being a casserole, which is the "c-word" in our house. I make them anyway and assign them alternative names like Taco Supreme or Chicken Mushroom Bake. Every once in a while he pretends to be tricked by this and eats it. But later, lying in bed, he'll say, "I saw the cookbook open on the counter, and I KNOW that was a casserole." Smartypants.