Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nothing Like a Foreign Object in Your-

Dreary weather makes for good naps. It's still spring, raining off and on; not yet too hot to relax. This is great weather for spooning on the couch on a Saturday and drifting off to that between-sleep air from the window washing over us as we lounge in the total bliss of each other's arms...

...and then someone drops a seed in your ear.

Kids are great.

Did anyone every tell you that? They're GREAT.

She was totally ninja about it, too. No rustling of hair, no brushing fingers against my skin, just-plunk!

Nap. Over.


  1. A seed?! What kind of seed? How big was it? Did you have to go to the emergency room? Because once a moth flew into my grandma's ear, and she had to go to the ER. They told her it's very common for tiny things to get stuck in people's ears. And my friend Tamara shoved a purple button into her nose when she was little--also requiring the ER.

  2. It was either a flower seed leftover from our flower planting a while ago, or a seed that she shook out of this crusty dry old squash that we have hanging around for no apparant reason.

    After completely freaking because I didn't know what the EFF was in my ear, I just dug it out of my ear and it was fine.

    (Although, one time when she was really little, my sister put a crayon up her nose. That was pretty traumatic.)