Friday, August 06, 2010

How to be Charmed by Your Overbearing Overlord

Me: You need to try to sleep now.
Wendy: Make my animals a nest.
Me: *piles up the stuffies around her in a comfy nest of teddy bear love* Okay, I made your nest. Now will you try to sleep?
Wendy: I have a secret.
Me: What is it?
Wendy: Come closer.
Me: Okay...
Wendy: (whispering) I don't make deals with whiny peasants.

(Must discontinue daily viewings of Emperor's New Groove.)


  1. I think I have glimpsed my future, and I am scared. But really...absolutely charming!


  2. How to decide if you were more insulted, or amused? Hilarious!

  3. Insultamuzed?

    As in, dear anyone with a future with kids in it, get ready to be insultamuzed every day of your life.