Monday, November 08, 2010

Let's Have a Baby Shower!

This was all my mom's idea. My sister and I tried to protest that second babies don't usually have showers, and it is, in fact, the second baby for both of us. She had a lot of half-explained reasons why we should have a shower...something about, "Jaimie's having a girl and you're having a boy, so it's like a whole new thing for both of you, so-" She then said "psh" a lot, waved us away, and planned a shower/lunch anyway. We should have known that trying to stop her would be an entirely pointless endeavor. How often do you get two pregnant daughters at the same time? Like, never.

(Wendy is pretty much convinced that this party was for her. She was kind of confused that there was not an actual shower, but immensely pleased with the princess bubble bath my Aunt Stacey brought her.)

I didn't expect presents. But there was presents. And toasting. I love my mom.

However, I somehow got away with not wearing a baby-shower party hat made from the scraps and ribbons from the presents. HA!

Jaimie is a nicer person than I am, though, so she wore hers.

It was quite a nice day with our family and close friends. True to form, my stepdad busted out two lasagnas. He is Italian. Every holiday/party/snow day requires either meatballs or lasagnas. I am not complaining.

Also? Not complaining about the bangin' escarole soup by Rose, the bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers by Casey, or the two (TWO!) chocolate cakes. And then there's this:

Someone spent an hour Sunday morning cracking herself up mixing frosting and food coloring, looking for acceptable areola and nipple colors for her boobie pops.

(someone is me)

Thank you everyone, for celebrating our babies with us! Have a boobie pop?

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  1. Those boobie pops are AWESOME. I need to tell someone I want those when I have a baby shower... LOL