Monday, September 05, 2005

My Baby

Jaimie's (my) baby turned one on the 25th. With all the Pennsic hangover and whatnot, I haven't gotten around to sharing the cuteness until now. But oh, the cuteness.

They got a cake all for him, just so he could rip into it. It was a big fish (I don't know, they like fish) that said "JR." Frosting. Everywhere.

It was a big day. It's been a big year. I mean, he discovered his fingers and toes, learned how to clap, learned how to say "dadadaDaDaDADADADADAD!!!" whenever mommy is simply not satisfactory, learned how to kiss mommy because she is actually the light of his life, and became entirely self-propelled, willing and able to seek out every bite-sized floor crumb and dust-covered couch flotsam and furniture staple forgodsake in exsistance.

No wonder he's all tuckered out.


  1. His thoughts during the pictures:
    pic1:"I love my hoppity horse"

    pic2:"Yay it's my birthday, yay"

    pic3:"It's good to be the king."

    hard to believe it's a year huh?

  2. "Yay! Cake makes me poop!!!"

    I know, it's crazy that an entire year has passed seems like he was a shriveled five-pound shrunken gnome just yesterday. And now he's a moose. With speech capability.

  3. his eyes are SO BLUE.

    so i take it he is a crawling maniac?

  4. Babies are so cute.

    That is, when they belong to other people.