Thursday, September 08, 2005

Rated ARRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Everyone needs a pirate day. On this day, I pimped it, pirate-style.


  1. aye, come to reclaim your ship and parrot i presume. well avast ye be out of luck for the ship twas burned to cook the bird and a feast was had for few.

    other than that, yeah i would say she was hot alright.

  2. E: actually, i only wore the coat for the pic. OTher than that,it was a relatively cool day, so the rest of it wasn't that bad. Besides, I looked awesome.

    K: ok, someone needs to get a high-sea adventure out of his system...fireing cannons through scurvy wenches' portholes, and whatnot.
    ANd thanks. I am hot.