Thursday, August 24, 2006

Post-War Blues

Post-War blues for me involves a lot of wandering around the house aimlessly, possibly picking things up and putting them down about five inches to the left, as if that is where I always envisioned it to be; as if five inches to the left is where everything would go in my perfect plan for the universe. Like, if we were all still at Pennsic, I wouldn't need to move things five inches anywhere. It would just be there like it's supposed to be.

Post-War also brings bill paying. A good chunk of my hard-earned Pennsic cash often immediately goes toward car insurance and paying down credit cards that helped me through the dry summer months. Le sigh.

On the up side, it was very entertaining trying to explain my "vacation" to my OB nurses and doctor today, and why my belly is covered in henna. Watching their eyes glaze over as I talked about taking my 6-month el-prego self camping and partying for two weeks in August was worth the hour-long wait and unexpected bloodwork.

I rewarded myself with a half-dozen from Dunkin Donuts afterward.

Some pics from my phone and computer can be seen here. (my computer still doesn't have internet, and I don't want to download the picture sharing software to C's computer, so this is what I can show you right now.)


  1. you asked me long ago to tell you if it ever happened. well i am sorry to say it but you got a little back fat there girl.

    and it looks like you might want to lay off the beer.

    so how is the little buckarooette?

  2. cruel. I don't think this counts. I keep telling myself that these things will mostly go away some day. Thanks though, for your brutal, brutal honesty. Jerk.

    She's just peachy. Starting to take up more real estate, as you can see.

  3. (Pssst...I don't know about "pregnancy-in-progress" hormones so much; but post-natal depression HAS been considered as a valid defense for murder, basically in the same category as temporary insanity. Fionn just sayin', is all.)

    Yeah...there's something about coming home from War and finding out that CRASH! autumn has totally taken over when you weren't lookin'. :/

    The nerve. Especially when the calendar says we have another flippin' month.