Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sweaters are Gheay.

Ah....hours and hours of unadulterated internet surfage, interrupted only by the occasional snack break and the inevitable 12-year old, unsuccessfully angleing for computer time. Yeah, I'm still on, here, and No, you can't play with my computer sitting right there behind me, even though I said you could once it was set up and even though I'm right here and it has no internet for you to get in trouble on, anyway.

That computer has dirty/incriminating pictures on it from college. You're not old enough to know how cool/edgy I actually am/once was/will be again. It would shatter this image I'm trying to have as an adult around here. Buzz off.

I can afford to lose points with her today. Yesterday I took her shopping for lots of clothes her dad would never have understood the point of purchasing. You know, like, anything she would actually want to wear. It was fun. Entirely gratified the itch I have for back-to school fashion hunting that I cannot fulfill for myself because of my strange and mutated shape at the moment. I mean, I will have to look for appropriate substitute-teacher pants soon, but they will most likely resemble deranged clown gear, and not really fill any catigory of "fashion" as it is currently known to the rest of the functioning universe.

Anyway, looking online today at (geek) knitting patterns; entirely annoyed with how people name their sweaters with people names. Although they do so pretty appropriately: "Eloise" looks like something a French librarian would wear, "Carmine" is a saucy red sweater-dress, "Helen" is a granny-cartigan, etc. I finally boggled my brain with so many sweater patterns that I decided I am not knitting one any time soon, sweaters are stupid, and printed myself out some nice fingerless gloves instead. Stupid sweaters.


  1. how many fingerless gloves does one need? or are you making a petite pair for the water breather?

  2. as many as I want. And no, K, that would be rediculous.

  3. Sweaters are awesome. End of story.

  4. Footnote at end of story:

    Only when they're finished and sewed together.

  5. Sounds like someone doesn't want a sweater at all. And it's called an EPILOGUE.

    *sticks out tongue*