Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't Be Conned. I Was.

See this?

Cute, isn't it?
Well, this is why we can't have nice things. Nice things like plates.

Or mail.

Or Potatoes.

I remember the days when we were allowed to have potatoes.
On plates. Possibly while reading mail. Or while watching the unchewed Netflix that came in that mail. Oh, for the sweet, unsullied days of spuds and Netflix.....

Don't be blindly taken in by his contrite appearance. You think he doesn't know what he's doing? Look at him.

All getting your sympathy. See, right now, you're thinking, "Awww....look at that face. He feels so bad about what he's done. You are horrible people for not giving him a doggie biscuit right now and telling him he's a good doggie woggie wumpkins. Isn't he? Isn't he a good little wumpkins?? Yes. Yes he is."

That's how he gets you. He mopes around all sad, and then you forgive him and then WHAM!! Tissue party in the living room! YAY!! YAY!! Oh, what, you people were planning on using that entire box all by yourselves??? Gosh, I'm sorry....


  1. the dog is very cute.
    sometimes it doesn't matter the mess they make. it is enought just the way they show their love to you.
    (sorry for my English)

  2. Yikes! =8o That's quite a swath of destruction, all right.

    (With all the other balls currently up in the air, I guess obedience school would just be a cruel pipe dream, huh?)

  3. I believe I told you long ago that this was a possibility. They look cute to fly under the radar then they strike. I am no longer fooled by their innocence.

  4. He's totally perfected the art of being sooo sorry...I have a feeling he would fake his way through obedience school and go back to spud-munching just as we were proudly hanging the certificate on the wall.

    Thats right-dull their senses with my cuteness, then go in for the kill...

  5. Well...if we hadn't both still been too ill to attend Khural this weekend, Rags had been hoping to see Toady there. Rags is a pretty staunch & lifelong "dog person", and had planned to pass on the following two cents:

    He says that while all puppies chew, Lab-puppies in particular are N O T O R I O U S for this kind of wanton destructiveness when they're young. Like, "almost as bad as Huskies" notorious. They do grow out of it, but waiting for nature to take its course (unaided) can take months. And lots of ruined stuff in the meantime.

    If you want to accellerate them out of the behavior, he strongly urges some "negative stimulous therapy".

    Yup. You guessed it. The rolled-up newspaper, his sensetive little nose. Every single time, no exceptions. Whining, guilt-rays, boo-boo faces or not.

    He also says that the guilt can be alleviated by using "positive" behavior mod at the exact same time. Increase their play with lots of rawhide and rope toys, and they're pretty quick to figure out what's "OK" to chew on -- and what will get them sternly swatted.

    (YMMV: personally, I prefer cats.)