Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pod Person What?

So, what nursery bedding really defines me as a person? Am I classic like Patchwork Pooh, a sweet and gentle echo of yesteryear that still seems warm and inviting today? Or am I fun and playful like Froggy Tales, all bright duckies, frogs and dragonflies, perfect for a baby by Toad and me?

Alas, no. While I actually would like to roll around in both of these crib sets myself, God help me, I think I'm secretly Vintage Teaberry. It all seems obvious now. Don't delicate flowers, sage green velvet, ruffles of soft sheer eyelet and sweet pink and cream stripes say "Mo" to you? No? Are you really going to suggest to me that I am not reminiscent of an English garden?

Well, I'll just have to throw rocks at your stupid heads. Right after I get my hair set and go grocery shopping in my Laura Ashley picnic dress and heels.


  1. It doesn't really matter. It's all going to get puked on in the end.

    Maybe this is why your mom didn't invite me to the shower...

  2. you have a very good point there. Thank you.

    She probably didn't want you to be sad that you are in Seattle and not here. Like I am. *sad*