Friday, September 15, 2006

En-Phoned w/K-Dawg


Phone: ring ring ring
K-Dawg: Hello?
Me: (brightly) Hi!
K: ....hi?
Me: HI!
K: Oh! Hi.
Me: What's up?
K: ....Nothing.
Me: ......
K: so....
Me: ok, this is stupid...
K: what is?
Me: Um, was your birthday yesterday, or three days from now?
K: haha! How long have you known me?
Me: I'm an asshole, I know.
K: Three days from now (*audibly reveling in my assholishness*)
Me: Ok, well I knew it was one of those. I was gonna call Steph, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know either. (*shamelessly trying to bring others down with me*)
K: Yes. She would probably agree that it was one of those as well.
Me: I'll call you three days from now, then.
K: K.

Thursday (yesterday, three days after Monday)

Me: *forgets to call*


My blog: Happy Birfday, Kyle!


  1. Yeah, but I have Ryan. He remembers his sister's birthday, and I remember that Kyle's is the same day. Ergo, I remembered.

    neiner neiner.

    But it's not like I talked to him. I totally fell asleep on the couch while Ryan spoke with him on the phone for, like, 20 minutes. Although at one point I did yell Happy Birthday at him.

  2. to which I in my retarded way replied with, "Happy Birthday Steph."

  3. Damn. Neither one of you were ever our special little guy's girlfriend, and you're still showing me up.

  4. Unless Ryan has something he's not telling me...

  5. Ok, there's a visual I didn't want...

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