Saturday, October 21, 2006

Life Lessons

Back in June, when I was last substitute teaching, kids often asked me questions like, "How old are you, anyway?" and "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Now it's "Are you haveing a boy or a girl?" and "Have you picked out a name yet?" It's fun to see how tenth graders react when I blink, act confused and say, "what do you mean? I'm not having a baby!"

My favorite, though, is "Are you married?" Teenagers are not shy at all about delving into your personal life and finding out whether you are a good, upstanding Christian citizen, or a naughty, dirty sinful whore. So I'm usually not shy about replying, "Nope. Living in sin is a lot more fun."

Teaching the next generation life lessons is an important job that I take very seriously.

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