Monday, October 09, 2006

Running Over The Same Old Ground

My mom had the idea planted deep in her head that we were all to go to the shore while my sister and my nephew were in town. Did it matter that it is now October and there was coastal flooding warnings in effect from Friday til Sunday morning? This is my mom, so no. Not really. And lo, we had a very nice time despite my bad dreams filled with tidal waves and being trapped on the roof of the motel. Our particular two-year old is even very pleasant, especially when he has a lot of different people to play with him. Actually, the same applies to our particular twelve-year old.

I forgot my camera, so the pictures of the dog's first romp on the beach (vigerous, joyfull, wet), the pictures of baby Eddie shoplifting for the first time (a happy Buddah figurine), and the pictures of the bunch of us wind-whipped but still having fun on the boardwalk; those pictures are all in my head.

I am melancholy because I don't want them to leave in two days. I want them to stay and live in my house (or next door would do) and have tea with me every morning. I want my sister to be here when I have my baby, so we can trade sometimes, or parade them around in rediculous matching bunny outfits.

I want to drive with them to Vermont (live free or die!) instead of driving them to the airport on Wednesday.

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