Saturday, December 02, 2006


Six different people have called us since yesterday to find out if anything has "happened," how I "feel," and in the case of my Dad, "What the hell I'm waiting for."

Well, um....we finally put curtains in the bedroom, I feel a little hungry, and I'm waiting for my paycheck so I can go Christmas shopping. (Or if you are Dad, I'm waiting a whole week to tell you after I actually do give birth, just for that.)

No, friends and family, despite today being my due date, I am still the radiant, blooming vessel that I was yesterday. I'm simply festering with maternal glow. See the festering glow lines?

Aqualass is still blissfully reclining amongst my various organs and squiggly-spooches. She is happily oblivious that she will soon be expected to turn my "personal space" inside-out. She is so established in there, I am starting to think that she has no intention of making an entrance this week, next week, or really, ever. Of course, until she decides to do something like this:

...which, by the way, is her favorite thing to do. Though she is cozy and warm, and appreciates the chocolate milk I send her way, she sometimes feels a little cramped, and needs to assert her selfhood by way of jamming her sharp little feet into my ribs and shoving as hard as she can in the opposite direction, sometimes with her elbows. She especially likes to assert her selfhood just as I am trying to go to sleep. Right now she is doing it with complete disregard for my desire to blog, and entirely in support of her own desire for Thai food.

So, yeah. I'll get back to you on that. I promise.


  1. I doubt the Dr will let you hold out until my birthday :) the 22nd is a bit too much overdue!!


  2. don't say scary things. I'll sic my spawn on you.

  3. start doing someting semi-important or maybe some x-mas shopping. then the show will begin.

    did you make those pictures?

  4. Any sign of nesting impulses? Or are you steadfastly insisting that it's perfectly normal for you to take apart the entire kitchen and rearrange everything?