Tuesday, December 12, 2006

In Which He Challenges the Spawn

Carl: haHA! I shall now change your diaper!!
*places baby on couch, whips bad old diaper off*

Wendy: *pees*

Carl: *Claps new diaper onto baby butt* Ha! I am swift and crafty! What else you got, huh?

Wendy: *smirks*

Carl: *tosses diaper #2 away, turns for diaper #3*

Wendy: *projectile poos at him*

And she got some distance on that one, across the couch and onto the floor. He had to pull a mad Matrix move to not get hosed with baby cheese. Honestly, I've never seen him so limber.

I heart you, Wendy. I heart you sooooo.


  1. ahh...a new mongol name fer da bb; "Hoo Flung Poo"

  2. when you are sleep deprived, a lot of things are funny.
    "Hoo Flung Poo"....hahahahahhahaha!!


  3. So that is the little sprite that showed up in my e-mail.