Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Last year on New Year's Eve, we went to a big party at a giant rented cabin somewhere in the Poconos, drank a lot of Lambic and Tully, made out with other sexy people, and ate Zoe's spicy noodles. (That is not a euphamism; Zoe made yummy spicy noodles, and we ate some. Thai peanut or something. They were delicous.)

This year, I did a lot of laundry. I had a half a glass of wine, he had a little rum and egg nog, and we watched the ball drop while leaning on each other (soooo sleeeepy!) and holding the baby, just trying to keep our eyes open.

Ahem. Mo's year in review:
  1. Started substitute teaching. Five years of college and a note from the government vouching for your non-molester status, and you too can babysit teenagers!
  2. Moved in with man friend. Actually, just admitted to having already moved in. I stopped sleeping anywhere else sometime in 2005.
  3. Spent a month in Florida doing the Bay Area Renn Faire. (B.A.R.F.) Was this my last hurrah, seeing as I was now cohabitating with a significant other and now held a responsible job like some kind of adult? No. It was far too late for hurrahs.
  4. Because I was already pregnant.

Mo's year in review should just read:

  1. Got sperm poisoning.
  2. Was infected all year.
  3. Gave birth.
  4. Cure scarier than infection.

Yeah. That sums it up much better. Because years down the line, that is all I am ever going to remember about 2006. Honestly, that is all I'm going to remember about 2006 by next week.


  1. Oh, come on! You're year was better than that! Besides, you kind of enjoyed being pregnant, even if you try to deny it.

  2. Heya! Toady called me for a brief chat last night.

    It's understandable that you guys had to skip Bheithir's party this year; FWIW, here's my pics of the Really Cool Tudor house they rented in south Jersey (Elissa got about 130 shots that actually feature PEOPLE.)

    Hope to see all three of you soon...

  3. i know that its difficult,but you should know by exp. with me and eddie, that these are the beginings of the best years of your life. Dont resent them, its a waist of time. cherish them. and dont be mad that your little sister is lecturing!!

  4. *pouts*


    *pouts some more*