Friday, January 26, 2007

Power Testing

Recently Teenaged Psuedo-Stepgirl: OMG I'm totally going to get an F on my math test.
Me: Well, you can only do your best. I mean, it would suck, but if you are really doing your best, it's not the end of the world.
RTPS: Pft. What would you do if I got an F on my math test?
Me: What would I do? Well, since it's not my math test, I'd probably make dinner, eat dinner, watch some TV, and go to sleep.
RTPS: Ok, well what if Wendy was in seventh grade and got an F on her math test?
Me: Oh. Well, I'd probably take her internet away and not let her go to her friends houses untill she got a not-F.
RTPS: .....whoa now.
Me: I know.
RTPS: ...What do you think my dad would do?
Me: What do you think.
RTPS: Probably not much. Probably just say "*grumble grumble* do better in math *grumble*"
Me: Is that what you think.
RTPS: yeah.
Me: hmm. Ok.
RTPS: *blink*
Me: *blink*

Man, is she going to be pissed at me when her internet is cut and she's grounded from friends.


  1. Perhaps math is not her only weak point seeing has how she did not graps the hints you were dropping in that little conversation. I figured you would have told her to write joke as answer like you did when you had math.

    Another creative way to answer.

  2. Yeah, she pretends not to get stuff that is subtly intimated toward her.

    also, that elephant is SO me c. 10th grade. At least she'd be making her teacher laugh, and maybe her dad wouldn't be so pissed if she were funny about it....

  3. As long as all her answers were not formed in the phrase of punchline, I don't see the problem either.

    What level math is she at?

  4. she's only in seventh grade math; some algebra required, but she acts like someone is peeling her fingernails off one by one instead of requiring that she ballance inequalities.