Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm Having A Day.

"You look like a time bomb that someone pulled the pin on."

That kind of day. The kind of day where everyone would be better off if I could just curl up in bed and sleep through the whole thing. Since I have a baby now and I can't get away with ignoring the day via unconsciousness, it would be nice to lose myself in any number of unfinished projects or household chores that need to be done. Or maybe if I could go run any of the errands that need running or make the phone calls that need making, or even return the emails that need returning.

But it seems the baby is having a day as well. The kind where someone has definitely pulled her pin and no single moment can go by without her letting me know about it. The kind of day where entertaining herself for more than four minutes is definitely out of the question.

So the only logical thing to do, it seems, is to put her in her Bumbo seat on the counter next to me and let her chew on the bottle brush

while I construct the gingerbread-cookie-Christmas-tree-in-a-box kit that Steph gave me back in November.

As you can see, it came out exactly like the picture. And let me tell you, friends. It is twice as delicious in April as it would ever have been in December.


  1. I believe that is her sceptre and her throne.

  2. she even has a hat that is suspiciously crown-like.