Sunday, April 15, 2007


While Steph was home a few weeks ago, we had a wedding shower for her. It turned out pretty pleasant, especially given that the kind of parties Becki and I are used to hosting usually involve several pizzas and some beer; boxed wine if we're feeling fancy. The whole thing got me thinking that I might want to get married someday, if only for the opportunity to register for really random items like coasters shaped like mushrooms or glow in the dark body paint.

This past week, I finally got around to ordering my dress for Steph's wedding. I told the lady on the phone the date of the wedding (May 26), and after punching in the order, she gave me this little "Whooo!" and chuckle-snorted at me.

"Well, it says if you order the dress today, it should be ready on May 24th."

Did you know they call me Mo the Punctual? Also, Mo the Expedient and Mo-On-Time. Stuff like this is why Becki has dubbed the two of us the "Maids of Dishonor." Other examples include our extrememly serious demeanor at David's Bridal during the Choosing Of The Dress:

(A very flattering pic of both of us, I know. Still, we were really pulling for tiara-cowboy hats and pink feather boas.) Then there is the traditional Shower Bonnet of Humiliation, carefully constructed to reflect the solemnity with which we regard the proceedings at hand:

Becki has promised Steph opportunity for revenge should she ever decide to have a wedding. I would like to second that sentiment. Steph, please feel free to take it all out on Becki.


  1. Dude... Check out my boobs in that last pic. They're all... boob-y.

  2. Not the very first thing you see in this pic, but I think a very important componant. :-)