Thursday, December 27, 2007


It's hard to pick a favorite picture from this Festivus season. If I were looking to adequately capture the bewilderment and gastero-intestinal discomfort brought on by intense holiday stress (not to mention general odd-gift confusion), this one is good:

But then again, this one sums up the whole hit-and-run aspect of the month for me:

You've got the palid complexion, the thousand-mile stare, the brightly cheerful sweater...all the unfortunate side effects of Christmas, especially once one has entered the breeding years of one's life. The person in this picture does not really remember when holidays were more carefree, involving leather pants and fun hats and probably shots of tequila and looked more like this:

But that's okay, because while the person in the festive sweater still owns and plans to wear the leather pants, she is glad to trade in the slightly skanky pictures of her own ass for the much more adorable pictures of this-

- which, along with making the entire season somewhat more of a headache, also makes it nicer. And funier. And cuter.
And less skanky, in general.
more pics at my flickr, if you are interested
Happy Whatnot, everyone!


  1. Best part about that skank picture is that I don't think you were anything resembling drunk yet.

    Just skanky. ;o)

  2. Is that Wendy's impersonation of a squirrel she saw?

  3. Y'know, I still think ya oughta Write. Professionally. You're entertaining, and all... .