Friday, February 15, 2008


I love this moment.

This is the moment that comes after I've interviewed for the job, and after I've done a great 20 minute "lesson" audition for the class, but before I find out whether or not they will hire me. Because once I find out....well. I'll either be very disappointed and left wondering why I'm not good enough, or be faced with the prospect of actually teaching. Classes. In a school. By myself. Away from Wendy every day.

But right now, I am content. Celabratory, even. With glasses of wine and chocolatey treats, all patting myself on the back for wowing them with my astonishing wit and humor and natural report with the kids and inate hireablility. (Except for the part where I said "It was good ta meetchy'all" to the interview panel. That was stupid.)

It is a maternity leave fill-in kind of job. It would only be for the next couple of months, but it would be a great experience and maybe get my foot in the door with the district. AND it would be a lot more money than regular subing. Like, I'd be forking over a fifth of my paycheck to the babysitter lady instead of half. That's right. I'm desparately trying to break into teaching for the money.

That's really what it's been about all along. So y'all send hire-Mo vibes out there for me, k? Mama wants a new pair of Sketchers.


  1. meetchy'all?



    Good luck dude, I'm sure they loved you!

  2. Best of luck! Anybody who doesn't hire your sweet ass, is just ass.

  3. that hill billy has to come out doesnt it? me too, specialy when i dont want it to.

    good luck i love you. im with tash!