Friday, February 22, 2008

Wicked Stepmommy

Erin: You guys have so many coats, and I only have one.
Me: Erin. You have other coats. You just don't like them. Do you think we like all of our coats?
Erin: But you have cool coats, and I only have one that I even like.
Me: That's because you are poor and we don't like you.

Did anyone else see the lunar eclipse the other night? It was amazing. It was cold as balls out, though.

Erin: [parphrased] OMG I can't believe I slept in till ten minutes before I gotta get on the bus and don't even have time to brush my hair or have breakfast OMG!!
Me: Here, have a poptart.
Erin: We have poptarts? Where did you get this???
Me: The secret house where we keep all of the good stuff.

Like Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. And Tastycakes. And poptarts. All for us.


  1. When she uses her own monie to buy pop tarts, she can has poptarts.

  2. werd.
    We have learned that bringing poptarts into the house only begets the petulant expectation for there to always be poptarts. We wouldn't have to hide them from her if she didn't act as if we owed them to her anyway.

    teenagers. gah.

  3. ha! AHHHHHH!

    mmmmm mm...pop tarts are for parents!

  4. That's what we decided. Poptarts are for the ones with jobs. And problems slightly more complex than only owning six pairs of size one jeans. (Obviously one needs at least eight pairs to live)