Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A New Career is Born

Texting out of the basement of High School drivers ed class on a rainy afternoon:

Me: My voice leaves my mouth and takes a left turn into the vacuum of space. Their flat eyes tell me that it's Friday; That I don't really exist.

Carl: I can hear you crying into the void.
Me: Thanks, babe.

Mike: You teachers are all the same.

Bethany: Obviously you are subbing at Orwell High today.
Me: It could be Soylent Green High and they would still show up religiously to do nothing but lodge their complaints about the service. I think I'm over this subbing thing.
Bethany: I always thought you'd be a good lion tamer.
Me: Or an alpaca stylist. Or maybe I could bead-dazzle things for a living.
Bethany: I think you could change the world by bringing the Flowbee into the world of alpaca styling. And I'm not just saying that.

I'll totally turn the whole farm show scene on it's ear. You'll see.


  1. I went to the Farm Show this year and there were alpacas everywhere. Maybe you can make there clippings into yarn and have a side business from that.

  2. me and Steph already have that plan in the works.

    I have a barn and pasture area; we both have an unhealthy love for alpaca yarn...etc, etc...

  3. little annoying sister says..."me too me too, alpaca...and colors. yay. is it agaiants the rules to color the alpaca before you shear it??"

  4. um....yes. wait...lemme check the handbook...yes.

  5. I dunno. People dye their poodles pink. We could have pink alpacas.