Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thing 1 and Thing 2

No. This is not how I am now addressing Carl and Marc. Marc is visiting for a few days and camped out in my sewing room. This is cool both because Marc is cool and we loves him (Wendy says "hey, Mahk!" in this almost Bostonian accent every time she sees him) and because it's great for Carl to hang out with his guy friends. Normally it's just him in the house with all of his womens. The dog and our retarded cats don't exactly make up for the sea of estrogen he swims in daily.


Thing 1: GLORY GLORY HAL-LY-LU-YA!! Wendy is now sleeping in her own room. Carl and I are now sleeping in our own room. All of us are sleeping All. Night. Long! (allnight....allnight!) all night looong! Of course, this all night long thing is actually theoretical, as Mommy still wakes up at least twice as a matter of habit, but I'm sure she will stop doing that eventually. Just like she will stop referring to herself in the third.

I have not talked much about the sleeping arrangement drama that has been going on around here, so as to remove the temptation for everyone to have an opinion about it, just like everyone seems to have an opinion about breastfeeding and TV watching and partially hydrogenated corn syrup and everything else having to do with other people's kids. Not that I don't value all of your opinions. I like you guys. It's just all of them. You know who they are. Suffice it to say, Mommy is neurotic about leaving Baby alone to sleep and she knows it and now she is getting better and learning that Baby is perfectly capable of sleeping without her. Crap. There she goes again. I mean, there I go...never mind.

Thing 2: Steph and Ryan are leaving for their Appalachian Trail trip today. They are getting on a train to Georgia and then walking back to PA. Walking back. Crazies.

They have officially moved back from Seattle, and were only here for a few weeks before setting out again, so it's really like my best friend hasn't moved back at all. It's more like she came for a visit and is moving back in the Fall. Just in time to register to vote.

I admire the way they are just checking out of the everyday grind like this. Very freeing. Best of luck, guys. I hope your thighs don't chafe you too much and your packets of dried fruit and salmon taste like adventure.

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  1. You're an adventure. Shut up.


    See you in August, yo.