Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me and Carl

"So it seems they are short on subs this week and all of the teachers have had to cover other classes during their planning periods and ohmygod they are complaining about it. All I heard all day today was 'I have another coverage today. That makes three this month, and I don't think Schmitt has had one yet this year! I feel like a frickin substitute teacher!!' wah wah wah. They are totally being little bitches about it."

"Yeah. You should tell them that they won't really feel like a substitute teacher until they do all of that and make the forty whole dollars that comes with it."

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  1. Hey Mo,

    Been a while since commenting...blogging and counter-blogging is kind of how I keep up with anyone I know in real life. Particularly if they live fuckit-o-many miles away.

    Recently I had to lock down my LJ to "friends only" setting, due to a really annoying relative begining to blogstalk it. :/ So unfortunately, anyone not on the server who wants to keep in touch has had to create a "dummy" LJ so I could friend them.

    Annoying, yeah, but hey. If Carl or yourself want a convenient way to stay in casual touch with me & Rags, it's not bad (and free).

    I WOULD recommend he just read Rags' LJ. But dammit, old man never updates it, ever.