Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mommy of the Year Moments

1. Thinking, she likes the slides at the other park, and then pushing the one-year old down the dark tube slide by herself. Yeah, Jaimie was waiting at the bottom, but the sounds of wailing and limbs flailing and bumping all the way down indicate that this is generally not a great idea.

2. Letting the one-year-old feed the exotic chickens at Linvilla Orchards herself. Corn kernals offered up through the fence to sharp pecking crazy beaks. With her own tiny fingers. Duh.


  1. Kids are resilient. She'll get over it. (meaning the tube slide, from what I understand, the chickens were still cool in her mind).

    Bock bock?

  2. She looks so cute with her piggies. Ali won't leave hers in, dang it.