Friday, March 28, 2008


(All moms must blog in lag-time.)

So, we all gathered on Sunday to eat chickens and fertilize bunnies in the name of our saviour. Or to eat ham and the lasagna customarily contributed by my mom's Italian S.O. at every holiday. (Christmas? I'll make a lasagna! Memorial Day? I'll bring the 'zagna! Rosh Hoshanna? LA. SA. GNA!!) I actually ate two Easter feasts, and Wendy received two Easter baskets, because we went to both Carl's and my mom's houses. Yay jelly beans and chocolate!

They had plastic eggs hidden around the back yard of my mom's for Wendy to find. By "hidden," I mean literally just tossed into the grass from the porch. Which works out, because, you know. She's one. When we released her into the yard, she went ape-shiest running around picking them up, yelling "BALL! BALL! BALLLLL!" Yes. My kid likes to yell about Balls.

Jaimie and Eddie are in town, which rocks. Wendy has spent a lot of time cozying up to her Aunt "Mimi," telling her secrets and talking about Barbies, or something. (Erin recently presented her little sister with some of her own leftover Barbies. Wendy promptly began a desperate, undying love affair with Barbie as I watched all of my visions of her future as a drummer in a punk/metal band float out the window.)

On Thursday, I took the kids to the park so Jaimie could deal with some of the homework she has to do over her break. I like this park. The wide open lawns combined with the extreme shortness of my baby's legs make for good odds that I will catch her when she takes off. Which she does often. I was looking forward to bringing Eddie here, because of the pirate-ship themed playground. He was very excited about it, until he found this pile of leaves, where he spent about forty-five minutes "burying himself up" and putting leaves on Wendy's head. Hey, whatever. I like leaves.
Happy Almost-Spring, everybodies!!

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