Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today I was in the teacher's lounge, sitting around the lunch table with a gaggle of teachers, enjoying the comeraderie of talking teachery stuff. My mind started wandering once they started discussing some tax issue having to do with the conflict between the contract year and the fiscal year blarg blahdeee blah. The mental trip to Walmart that I was taking and the list of all the things I planned to purchase there was interrupted as a few phrases trickled in:

Turtleneck Teacher: They just aren't renewing his contract.
Big Hair Teacher: Because he's eighty-one.
Turtleneck Teacher: Yup. Hopefully they'll convince him to retire gracefully before they have to just phase him out.
Bright Yellow Tie Teacher: Yeah, the guy deserves some dignity. Eighty-one.
Me: What does he teach?
Teachers: ......
Big Hair Teacher: Oh. No. We're talking about this pro baseball coach.
Me: Oh.
Teachers: *snicker*
Over-Axe-Body-Sprayed Teacher: It's okay.
Me: Yeah. Not that I'm desperate for a job or anything.

....or meant to let it show.


  1. What were you doing in a teacher's lounge to begin with? Were you hiding in the plastic plants waiting to strike?

  2. um...no.

    If my degree and teacher's cert. has given me nothing else, it has given me access to the teachers lounge. Muahaha.

  3. Ha! Is this the school with the super secret teachers lounge that the kiddies don't know how to get to?

  4. YES! Yes it is. And now I have to avoid it for a few weeks. Because now they all think I'm a job-rabid freak who will push them down the stairs and take their livelyhood as soon as look at them.

  5. What's the shame in wanting a job? So long as you don't resort to physical violence or blackmail (you know, BLATANTLY illegal things) to take their livelihood, I'd say you're in the clear. ;o)