Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I'm not that competative by nature. Not that I don't want to be the best; I just reject the notion that I really have to prove it. I don't need you to feel like you are second so I can feel first. I don't need makeup or sexy jeans to know that I'm sexy. I don't have the irrepressable urge to tell you everything I know about the fijords of New Zealand just so you know that I know it. I already know that I'm smart, I don't care if you know it or not. If you don't already know that you should watch out for me, I'm not going to clue you in. I pity you if you don't already see that I have won.

I reject the idea of having to prove anything to anyone.

Which may have been my problem. I don't think I sold myself hard enough. I don't think I looked like I wanted it enough. I am going with this, because even though I have stated otherwise, I find it impossible to believe that someone else was better suited for this job than me. That's just stupid.

In case you are wondering (if you don't already know), yes. I am this full of myself.

It's just a job. I will get another job. It's just...well, I've never actually applied for a job that I didn't get. I've never walked into an interview where they didn't automatically see that I was the one they were waiting for. Really, my people. I don't think I should have to endure this outrage.


  1. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you were too good for this job?

  2. Welcome to the world I inhabited for several years.