Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dukus Jerk-Assus

Because he ate our dinner last Thursday night.

Not just one delicious herb-roasted pork loin, but two. Two delicious herb-roasted pork loins, minus the four medalion-sized slices that I had just carved away. Four slices that I was carrying on a plate, along with the baby, the baby's dinner, the baby's juice and my bottle of beer. Probably waited and slunk in just after I passed by, nudging the gate aside and horking them down his doggy throat while I was distracted. TWO!! TWO PORK LOINS!!!

And. Carl had worked extra late that night, and was extra hungry and deserving of a delicious porky feast. He came home to discover this travesty approximately four minutes after it occured.

Oh, the humanity.


  1. He was still douching it up with motorcycle parts when you had sculpture class. Oh wait this is the wrong post. Umm, something amusing about pork loins huh. May I suggest you lay down the law with an authoritavie voice. Something like, "I AM THE LAWGIVER, I AM THE LAW..." then you continue as you see fit waving around what ever is with in reach that is not a baby. Also keep in mind not to alarm the baby if your feroicity so as to not hinder the development of said baby.

  2. Hahaha! Hork.

    And Ryan and I want a dog because... Oh yeah, they're incredibly cute.

    To be fair to the dog, though, he is only ruled by his impulses. Dogs hork porkloins. And trash. And ANYTHING THEY CAN.

  3. yeah. Baby is already traumatized by her dawning realization that we are her parents.

    Occasionally, Carl will give him that "I AM THE LAWGIVER" speech, and look over to catch me giving him that "whythehelldidwegetadogagain?" look, and while we are doing this, the dog eats some mail or something.