Monday, September 29, 2008

In Complete Contrast...

Dear internets,

When last we spoke I was feeling very disheartened. Sad. Desperate. Yes, even bitter. But that was two weeks ago, and I feel much better now due to recent developments that I haven't had very much time to sit and write about. I haven't had time to sit still for long at all. Because of my new job.

My new job at a school.

Where I now teach.

*does jig of joy*

I would like to sit and type all about it right now, but as you know, teachers (like me) get up early. And when teachers (like me) also have babies who still wake up at night, teachers (like me) are very very tired and want to go to bed at nine thirty. Which was twelve minutes ago.

I love you internets. I am not edgy or witty or interesting tonight, mostly because right now, I am too busy being happy.



  1. Congratulations lady!! Jobs are sweet, got one myself last week. Hooray for chu :)

  2. Your loyal readers demand more interesting stories about your students!

  3. though we have not been able to talk in oh....about 2 weeks now, i am really happy that you are happy. i hope we can talk soon!!!! i love you and congradulations!!!!