Monday, February 23, 2009


I've had some sort of head-devouring cold for the past four or five days. Behold the progression of my demise:
1. a fever and sore throat that knocked me out on Thursday
2. a sinus thing that kept me miserable all weekend and prevented me from faschnagtery (lard-fried donut making) with Steph yesterday
3. a chest-rending cough that has destroyed my ability to speak like a human. Or at all.

This was fun today-trying to play Bingo-review with my classes in preparation for their test tomorrow. Oh yes. I imparted so much wisdom through the sweet reptile-like rasping of my throat...and a bit of interpretive dance. There was much pity to be had. Also, I had to tell some kids off for being jerks, which means that I busted out a deadly-menacing whisper of doom.

I can only imagine that this was three parts terrifying and two parts hilarious to watch. Or, in all probability, the other way around.

Lesson: public school is a teeming, diseased pietre dish full of amoeba-like organisms known as children, who will complain about everything you do, infect you with everything they have, and whine when you punish them with quizzes and writing assignments. Explore a career in teaching today!


  1. Hey Mo, hope you're feeling better.

    Quick question: by any chance, have you got a LiveJournal account? Some stuff is going down here; since Rags is a bit technophobic, I've been the one making daily updates/trying to keep his close friends (like Carl) in the loop.

    The journal is friends-locked, but if you have an account on that server I can add your username.

    Take care,

    ~ Fionn

  2. No, I don't have a LJ account. What's going on? Is Rags okay?

  3. His mom had another stroke Tuesday.

    A couple of his friends (not Carl) keep pestering him for updates; figured since I blog dailiy, it'd keep people in the loop. And in some cases, off his back.

    That, and they don't get to see one another much these days. I know Rags misses getting goofy with Carl at events.