Saturday, March 28, 2009

Since last I blogged...

Hrrmm....where to start....
Life as we know it at our casa over the past month or two, through sporadic pictures:

Big snowstorm in February. Wendy likes snow. Carl had a lot of fun wrapping a snowsuit around her and dragging her around the yard on a sled. She is a snow eater. We couldn't walk from the house to the car or from the car to the house without her flinging herself from our arms so that she might eat some snow. She also likes to "shobel" it. This is Wendy and her "shobel."

I took a picture of the window. It looks like the tree is growing out of the little bottle on the sill. See? I am a picture-taking genius!

Two or so weeks ago, I went to visit Steph and Ryan in their new Manyunck apartment. We did some hiking up and down the slopes of the "Irish Alps," in search of lunch. (Machismo Burrito on Main Street, I heart you.) They have a cute apartment in one of those sub-divided big stone houses that looks like a castle. Small kitchen. Big windows.

I broke out in full-body hives one day at school. I blame stress. Eighth period, you win this round...
Jaimie and Eddie are in town. Eddie and Wendy are getting along much better this time around. Witness how they share the horsey very nicely, below. This is new. Usually there is much hollering and pushing of faces into the carpet in the quest for dominance and the title of "Favorite Best Child."
Amusing Eddie Moment:
Carl: After you finish that juice box, you can have another one. You can have as many as you want.
Eddie: .....I like your attitude. (he says, leaning back in his little chair, one foot casually resting on the coffee table)
I haven't been able to visit with them much, as I am f***ing busy all the f***ing time. It has been kind of torturous, to have them here, but not be able to actually interact with them. We had a nice weekend last weekend. Jaimie and I went to yoga Friday night, where they have live music and candles every couple of weeks. Live music means a guy hanging out in the corner of the room with a didgeridoo, a flute, and a sitar, making sounds that are in key with your chakras and jingling some chimes. It was really relaxing, and I really spent some meaningful time there,
focusing on my chi.
Except that sometimes, out of the soul-stirring WHOAUOUOOUOUOUOUUOUOU would come a THPPTHPPPTHH and a strangely interjected SHIKSHIKSHIK as the guy ran out of breath, spit into his "didge" and had to cover the transition with a tribal rattle thingy as he reached for his sitar. As I pressed my face into the mat, resisting the urge to make eye contact with Jaimie lest I completely lose it and break everybody's concentration with my giggling, I wrote this haiku:
Focus on my breath
Finding my peace in tree pose
Praying not to fart
Anyway. We had a great weekend. Jaimie and I had a sushi date on Saturday night, and we all went down for a ham and mac n cheese dinner at my mom's on Sunday. On Sunday morning, as I performed The Beatles through interpretive dance for Jaimie, there was this:
Erin to Jaimie: She only acts like this when you're around.
Here is another picture of Wendy, still loving her Thomas train set:

And, from this morning:
Erin: Wow, that Sham-Wow really sucks the water right out of your hands.
Carl: Yeah. I like to use it when I have to pee but I don't want to leave the car.

This, my friends, is why I love him.

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