Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Wickles Made Me Do It

0r, Ways to make a little scratch without actually selling tissue samples to science.

Pickles with hot peppers in them. Wickedly delicious pickles. WICKLES! I really can't describe how good these are.

Last week, while sitting down with a nice tuna salad and wickle sandwich, I was looking around on Craigslist for jobs. After sifting through the "Education," "Writing/Editing," and "Retail" sections, I clicked on "etc." And that's when I seriously began considering a new life as either a horse sitter or an egg donor.

Is anyone else out there in joblessville using their college degree to drain bacon right now?

Look, I'm not wallowing in a pit of despair, wondering if I have value. Not yet anyway. I know that I have value. I have skills. MAD skills, and a great personality. I just haven't figured out how to make a buck off of those skills in an efficient, childcare-conscious way. (If I am spending more than half of my take-home on childcare, it's not worth it to me, especially if the job does nothing to further my long-term goals. Sorry, it's just not.)

It's all about diversifying your marketability, the advice people tell you. Real life experience counts for a lot! Okay...

Successful multi-tasker seeks career in simultaneous enchilada production and online bill paying. My prolific production of analytical thoughts on The Great Gatsby will be a great asset to your company. Qualified to explain the nuances of Tinkerbell's potty habits in great detail.

At some point in the day, after researching and poring over listings and revamping your resume and sending the applications out, you just have to do something else. That is my major advice.

Back to last week. As I was slowly backing away from the paid medical experiments page on Craigslist, I tripped over my sewing stuff and remembered that I do actually have a trade skill. And then I made a bunch of kid's pirate outfits. It's the Wickles. They went straight to my head.

Pirate costumes? Really, Mo? This is your big plan?
I never said it was a big plan. So what if it is my big plan?
Because pirates are Effing Awesome. That's why.

Soon, I will be selling them on Etsy. Maybe I'll make a few bucks. Maybe it keep my head out of the computer (and my ass) for a while. That second part is more important to me right at this moment.

I'd like to thank Erin and Nana for bringing Wickles into my life. I don't know how I've been getting along without them.


  1. I LOVE FRIGGIN WICKLES!! I can stand and eat the whole damn jar if I'm not careful. And, oh oh oh on a tuna sandwich, hell to the yes!!

    Sort of job lead today, but your comments are so right on. WTF is going on out here? Everyone is trying to get something for nothing because everyone is scared and grabbing their asses. So not fun- I'm about to start month 4.
    Lets keep our fingers crossed this one comes through so we can get a christmas tree!!!

  2. We've already gone through the first jar. Plotting expedition to find Wickles today? Check. Plotting to bring Wickles to the rest of the world? Double check!

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks these things are awesome.

  3. my daughter (M2) and I are equally hooked on Candied Jalapenos. The thing is, the only ones that are GOOD are sold by these little old ladies once a year when they have a pumpkin patch, which is coming up!! So we stock up and eat them until we're sick, wish we had more, and have to settle for Wickles until the next October.......