Tuesday, September 01, 2009

You're Gonna Love My Nuts

Me: Let me brush your hair.

Wendy: NO!

Me: Let me brush your hair please. It has knots in it.

Wendy: I have to go tell the squirrels NO NO NO!

Me: What?

Wendy: The squirrels dropped the nuts in my hair and that wasn't very nice! I have to tell them NO NO NO!

Me: Holy crap. That is a problem.

Wendy: Don't say holy crap to the squirrels, mommy. Say feckin jeeze.

And that's when my trucker mouth really began to bite me in the ass with gusto....


  1. That bitch bites, and it never quits biting...

  2. As long as she does it with flair...that's all I really ask.

  3. I know leaving notes on my own entry is dorky, but all four of my page ads now feature the word "nuts."


  4. I knew I had to keep my mouth in check when my 3 year old, while attempting a difficult puzzle, wailed, "Oh fer the love a CHRIIIIISSSST!" And no; he didn't hear it in church.