Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Darling Buds of April

Finally! Flowers! Leaves! Grass and other growing things that are greeeen!! (Sorry, all of you CO people, still with the snowing.)

We can finally go to the park! I don't have to tell Wendy that it's too cold or rainy or muddy or generally crappy out to go! I suppose I'd better shave my legs....

Or, I suppose I should have shaved my legs before I took Wendy to the park the other day. Before I had that delightful conversation with a hot park dad, only to realize after he walked away that my fuzzy ankles were fully visible, poking out from the bottom of my pants the entire time we were talking and having torrid eye sex.

Damn. For about five seconds there, I thought I was a hot park mom. Instead, I am a crazed, unkempt park vagrant, milling around the picnic benches and creeping out the other parents. Hot Park Dad will go home to his Hot Wife and tell her about the weird lady with the eye twitch who was talking to him, but he doesn't remember what she said, because he couldn't stop looking at her furry troll ankles.

Meh. That's probably what I deserve. (HI HON! LOVE YOU!)
Wendy is addicted to our swing. Now that the mud has dried up, we are out there two or three times a day. BTW, this is so not a posed picture. It is totally legit. Just Wendy and I having a geeky, entirely authentic moment of Springtime happiness:

Okay, actually, my mom was trying to get a shot of me pushing her on the swing, and this picture happened after I tired of her directions to "stand in the middle" and "move over" and "swing her slower so I can get you both in the shot!"

After looking at this picture some more, I have decided that I definitely need a haircut. I don't think I've had one since October. Of 2008.
After several long conversations about Springtime and rain and flowers, Wendy demanded that we plant something. We picked out some seed packets and planted them in random places about two weeks ago, and the sprouts are just beginning to poke up out of the dirt.

As far as she is concerned, this is a very cool experiment in horticulture. We are both hoping for massive bushes of color to erupt from our various planting locations. I like the flower box idea, because I can move them around. One week, my front steps can have a flower 'fro. The next week? Flowers over by Duke's fenced-in area. You know, because it is important to beautify the poo yard.

This may be the extent of our gardening this year. Maybe some more herbs. I love me an herb garden. Our oregano has begun to emerge, already, which is awesome. Wendy likes to go out and grab handfuls of the stuff, eat a few leaves, and put the rest away to dry "for meatballs." She is totally going to be the next Food Network Star. I promise.

You have probably noticed that I really don't have a point to this post, except to share my exuberance for being able to wear tank tops and go outside again.


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