Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Novelty of Weekend Togetherness

Friday, Carl's mom and stepdad took us out to sushi.

Sushi: A delicate, thoughtful, precise dining experience full of subtlety and grace.

Unless it is served buffet style. There is something really, really wrong about shoveling a whole plate heaped with complicated, hand-rolled sushi into your gob in under seven minutes, and then going back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths, especially if those fourths contain little squares of cake spread with green tea cheesecake stuff. OH MY GOD THAT WAS GOOD.

By "really really wrong," I of course mean "TAKE ME HERE ON MY BIRTHDAY FOREVER."

Wendy mastered eating sticky rice with chopsticks. Also, watermelon with chopsticks. She is a delicate flower. Full of subtlety. Grace.

Saturday, Carl suggested that we finally take my sewing machine down to King of Prussia to the Vac n Sew where I get it serviced, like I've been talking about for three or four years. I abashedly explained to the older gentleman repair guy that my bobbin casing was broken, which had thrown off the timing of the machinery, and the whole needle-end was packed with thread and fabric lint, and that the machine hadn't been serviced in....I don't know....three or four years? "I ride this baby kind of hard." I expected reprimands (like those that I expect when I bring my Ford Exploder in to the shop when it is again exploding through no fault of my own); but he just said, "Cool. That's good. Better than letting it rust and die in the attic." After dropping the machine off, I dragged Carl and Wendy to Trader Joe's, where we purchased a few items to improve our tree-hugging, wind power-loving, granola munching cred. The guy at the cash register had an insane mohawk. Wendy gave him the kind of skeptical look that said, "have you made your point? Great. Now get a real haircut, Zippy." Carl and I tried to show her that guys with mohawks who work in hippie stores are cool by talking to him like he wasn't sporting a ridiculous head, but she was less than impressed. In fact, I think she was embarrassed by us.

Dear Wendy,

No hippie is complete without blue chips, hummus, and herbal dietary supplements. Our dietary supplements of choice? Ginko and Spirolina. According to Wikipedia, the health benefits of Ginko and Spirolina are ENDLESS.

Carl: "Three layer hummus? What is the green layer?"
Mo: "I didn't really read the fine print. They had me at Three Layer Hummus."
(it turns out that it is Zesty Cilantro! SCORE!)

We celebrated our acquisitions with supreme nachos at the Mexican place down the strip from Joe's.
Sunday (yesterday), we hung out at home. It rained all day. We snuggled on the couch, watched Wall-E, and made cookies.

In celebration of life being good, and our weekend not being the pit of unfulfilled expectations that it usually is, here is a picture of Wendy in a poncho:


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