Saturday, April 23, 2005

I'll "Chapel of Love" You....

My sister is now an honest woman.

Not only have her sins been washed clean by the flowing holy waters of baptism, she has been taken unto the marriage bed by a similar such child of God:

They will sally henceforth toward the promising horizon of their shared future, which no doubt holds a treasure trove of good clean community bake sales, children born well within the bounds of wedlock, and a generally contemplative and respectable lifestyle.

The night before the wedding, a few humble and well-mannered friends gathered to wish the blushing bride luck, and no doubt offer advice regarding marital duties and china patterns:

After an evening during which her friends and mother surely engaged in extensive spiritual reflection, Jaimie described a feeling of edification regarding the knowledge that her son will not grow up a fatherless heathen in this unclean world. That was just before this picture was taken:

(I just know that she'll be the perfect Christian wife.)


  1. Is that a BEER in her underage hand?!?!

    *shakes head*

  2. Yes, and it is cream liquor, not jizz that she shortly thereafter sucked from that plastic sperm. I simply weep for the moral breakdown of the youth today, I'll tell you what...

  3. then she let the baby play with the plastic sperm. what a mom.