Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ok, so, the day of The Wedding.

Rather than tell you all the endless details about just how pretty the bride was and what a beautiful ceremony and how they cut the cake and why did they make strapless bras so uncomfortable, I'll show you some pictures. It was quite simple, really. We took This Girl

and enveloped her dazed self all snug and fluffy into This Dress.

The bridal thong was thoroughly inspected

And after much arrangement and brides-maiding

and product-applying and lip plumping

we crammed all the chiffon and satin and tulle that was the bridal party into a van and drove to the Garden of the Gods.

We then married off this bride

to this groom. (That's his brother and best man to the right.)

There were happy glowing moments

and weepy touchy moments ("What a Wonderful World" set my dad off)

and my favorite man in all the world.

Since I was actually in the wedding, I couldn't take pictures of the actual wedding. But gosh, what a beautiful ceremony, I mean, the bride was just so pretty and the setting just so perfect and the tourists passing by were just so nice, and I had to get a strapless bra at Target, so it was only eleven bucks, but man it was not comfortable....


  1. yeah, the pics are great and all, but where are the pictures of YOU in your bridesmaid gown? hmm? HMM??

  2. well, to tell you the truth, the only pics I have on my computer are the ones from my camera. Who was taking pics with my camera? Me. I have like, one decent picture of myself in my dress, and my hips look huge because the wind is blowing and I'm leaning weird.